Yeliz ÇiÇek



Yeliz is formost know for her positive energy, immensive drive, refreshing ideas en enthousiasm.

 Throw in bags of digital savyyness, mediamanagement skilss and an inclusive network of people in the creative business scene and fashion, and you’ve know why she is a well known name in the fashion & media world. She’s considered the new wave of journalist, who have great digital expertise.

 Yeliz worked for magazines as Marie Claire, Glamour, Vogue and LINDA.meiden and worked her way up. She started as a editor for Maire Claire, became digital manager and travel editor, worked as a digital and contributing editor at Vogue, deputy editor in chief at Glamour and editor in chief of LINDA.meiden, the biggest millennial magazine in the Netherlands.

 Next to her creative spirit and ideas, she is also know for her inclusivity strategies and voices out the importance of inclusivity in the media fort he new generation. She therefore is an active voice in panels and business events and is a speaker on empowerment topics like genderequality in business, inclusivity in fashion and women empowerment.


Communications (BA) UVA

Modestyling (Artemis Academy)